Plastic Jewels

The terrace there

A shadow shakes

The trees shift in revalries

Moon is dripping from the walls

A lovers light in long parade


The bleary skies of stars and larks

Asleep between the branches

Jealous I am sure

The city light of plastic jewels 


People waking somewhere around

People falling at last to sleep

People gripping hands in love

Some of a hand they no longer feel

Some hands clasped to heart and head

Staring at a lovely coffin

Some people's hands wring alone

Others are just now reaching out


Even so I must face the wave

All these will be washed away

Taken with the  other sands

To the bottom wating to be flipped

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eleven_eleven's picture

Hmmm. The tone of this

Hmmm. The tone of this shifted from very romantic to somber...the writing chased the mood I guess :)