Pass the Joint Maryanne

I sit at dusk

Where the sky lies dreamy at my feet

At the cusp

Of sleeping and blinking free


When the heavens become water

And they pour around me

The wind whispers softer

Than a gently blowing leaf


When the beauty batters rainbows

I only think of Maryanne


Oh Maryanne

With eyes, so kindly read

With holy ground where you tread

And the pearls in your ears


When the desperation famished

And the comfort ceased in calling

The sun begins to falter

And I wonder if I'll ever be returning


When the bands play bedazzled jazz

I only think of Maryanne


My arms remember

Still feel numb December

Still, feel better crossed upon my chest


When the fears visit longer

And the visions come and haunt you

Like a slipping glass from fingers

Like catching Maryanne 

from the porcelain red of the bathroom floor


When white doors opened

I felt awful for the frightened look passing before your eyes


And I picked you up from there

And I hope you will leave from there

Just pick up your eyes and put them back in

It may be strange but it's the best way for both of us to survive

I hope to return to you

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