Haiku Attempt : Iran And Iraq

Protesters shot in

Iraq while in Iran they're

funded with our bucks


American generals and Halliburton

employees sit in air conditioning

while Iraqis.. swelter in 110 degree

heat.. their power out.


60% majority Shiites

are cut out of leading their own

government as Bremmer speaks about

'democratizing' Iraq.






The people of the US do not elect the 9 dictators

of the Supreme Court.. 5 of whom installed an illegal

regime.. which preaches democracy elsewhere..

while shooting protesters in Iraq and spending the money

of the poor in the US to fund them in Iran.

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Zool Labud's picture

Wow...I'm amazed at the nearsightedness here...Not in your poem, but in the critiques. All I see in your poem is facts, statements of truth. I do not see blame and spreading of lies. Congrats on being able to write about something so contreversial.

Kala Bennett's picture

Listen, don't blame Iraq's problems on the United States. The US is Trying to civilize Iraq, not make it worse for them. It's about time the Iraqi government was outnumbered and disposed of.

jgupta's picture

False path to secure trade. The world look still similar -- those commerce with slave days.

Corey Fox's picture

i am glad You were "randomly" picked, because i don't know if i'd have ever found Your writing
one Love Corey & co

kiwi's picture

Some very strong opinions here.These are well expressed.The world is full of injustice and you obviously feel deeply about such things.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

Leah Murphy's picture

If you weren't so full of shit you would be laughable. If you weren't a terrorist and a liar you wouldn't be ashamed to tell your real name. You don't write poetry. You spread dissention and hate in the name of God. I doubt if you're even American.