World Trade Center Haiku

7 of the 19 alleged

hijackers have been found

alive in Europe said the BBC


Mohammed Atta was trained

at a CIA airport in

Lynchburg Virginia


Von Beulow, former minister

of the German government,

says it could not have

happened the way the US military



Buzz Krongard, number 3 man

at CIA, coordinates millions

in put options on airlines

in the week before the



A cruise missile, not a plane

was aimed at the Pentagon


A cruise missile was aimed

at the most civilian peopled

area of the Pentagon


Jet fighters which immediately

appear when a plane enters

US air space did nothing

as the planes veered off

their course.


Air Defense mechanisms

were called off.


The chief of the Russian Air

Force could not

have happened the way

we were told.


No one was shone pictures

of the socalled plane

which hit the Pentagon.


Could a plane with 120 ft

wingspan make a 60 ft

hole in the Pentagon?


The book The Incredible

Lie, a French book,

outlines many reasons

this was a coup d'etat.


Architects say a plane

would not have taken out

the building below

the area of impact.


Onlookers say

bomb explosions were heard

in the low levels of

the WTC


In Brooklyn Israelis

filming on a rooftop

are arrested.. reported

highfiving each other


Sai Baba, guru of over 100

million, said

"Caesar is the detonater..

Caesar is the diaspora"


To the generals who oppose

the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld junta..

who love peace because you

unlike the above 3 have known war

.. who love honor and integrity,

discipline and courage

May your love of peace prevail..

God remove the regime which

seeks to sacrifice the soldiers

you revere

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

found this piece exceptionally interesting and as I recall I remember only seeing the whole in the bldg at pentagon too. It makes sense what you say here..very interesting..