5 Walmart Billionaires

Employees locked

in to factories

midnight shift

.. a form of slavery

a glass ceiling for

women.. unable

to rise

wetlands destroyed

for ugly new


low wage employees

told how to

apply for food stamps

employees told to

clock out.. so

as not to get


Gates' fortune

receives much coverage..

but the Waltons together

are worth more..

while the media seldom

mentions them


Attorney Dyer of Dayton is requesting names of Walmart

employees who were locked into factories.

The UFCW http://www.ufcw.org has a classaction lawsuit

against Walmart.

When Sam Walton died he left 17 billion to each of

5 children.. money made from the backs of the 3rd

world poor, money stolen from Walmart workers by professional

union busters, money stolen from women not allowed to

advance as men do in the corporation, money stolen

from cows and sheep and pigs whose flesh is advertised

for sale, money stolen from Mother Earth, whose

trees have been razed to make way for these ugly

flat roofed buildings unsafe in snow or tornado.

Walmart's bosses promote the bulldozers of Ariel Sharon

as well as tree destroying bulldozers in the US.

Vote with your dollars. Avoid Walmart.

God cause the Waltons to return the stolen money

.. to recognize unions.. to help women as well as men

to advance at Walmart.. to plant 3 trees for every 1 felled

.. to promote vegan foods and stop selling meat..

God You decide whether Walmart aligns to Your nonviolent

will.. or disappears

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