Black Hawk Down.= Corporate Profits Up

!! Short

Black Hawk Down

= Corporate Profits Up


And in Somalia, Afghanistan

Kuwait NY and every else these

billion dollar machines go down,

(as America's poor dumpster shop,

as foreclosures are happening in

record numbers, as shelters are full

and food banks and emergency rooms

turn away the suffering)

it is not the fault of military mechanics..

but because like GE products

Black Hawks have 'planned obsolescence'

to generation billions for

bullies, in the Club of the Bellicose

which includes Boeing and Lockheed,

Northrup and others

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Black Hawk helicopter was downed this week..
as men and women died.. and Sikorsky made profits

An F 14 crashed into the Caribbaean this fortnight..
worth 1 billion?  1 plane crash equals many states' deficits

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