Apart of Me

My Everything

These lungs filled with excellence 

These feet weary but straight

This life blossoming in promises

A fairytale, never too late

A grateful grin I carry

Along my wandering eyes play

My knowing ears do listen

Upon a confusing world, so grey

This heart oozing radiance

These hands meant for yours

The burdens that lay, grow lighter

With you, I conquer all wars

Your arms forever holding

This body broken from years

Your hands; protectors from falling

Gently catching every tear

Your chest the perfect pillow

For my head dying to take leave

Your heartbeat entrancing entirety

Forever being apart of me

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Carcass's picture

Awesome poem about duality!

Awesome poem about duality!  Even though its more of a happier topic it still has plenty of dark undertones.

truthintragedies's picture

Gotta have them dark

Gotta have them dark undertones ;) Happy you liked it ^__^

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**