Welcome to my Life

Have you ever listened to your parents screams and shouts

knowing that your family could do without

Have you ever layed in bed those long cold nights

knowing that is was something you did that started those fights

Have you ever froze knowing that there is nothing that you can do

just watch as everything goes to hell and comes unglued

Have you ever been denied to see your dying brother

crying your eyes out like no other

Have you ever turned your back on the one you truly love

expecting it to be the best thing that you could think of

Have you ever held a gun to your head or a knife to your wrist

knowing all it took was just one pull or one little twist

Have you ever been molested by the person you trust most

7 years of this young girls life tainted by the boy of which i boast

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J R's picture

Wow. Powerful words.

There are so many people with similar problems in there lives

and I think this poem speaks volums for them

Great work