Let Us Adore Him

Let Us Adore Him


During one season, every year, there are songs that all will hear.

Songs like come let us adore Him, that baby born in Bethlehem,

About the birth of God’s Only Son, Who was born for everyone,

For a bigger time and reason, than the adoration of one season.


The Truth in this holiday song, should be expressed all year long,

That baby born Christ our Lord, all year long, by many, is adored,

Not only for the holiday season, but all year and for good reason,

For through the Lord Jesus Christ, all believers inherit Eternal Life.


The little baby away in a manger, to many today is just a stranger,

The little One born in a cattle stall, today is The Lord God over all,

However, many today don’t know Him, as they are mislead by sin,

That The Lord’s Miraculous Birth, for them, is of no value or worth.


We hear, Silent Night, Holy Night, once a year, it truly seems right,

But, any idea of a holy night friend, after the season, sees its end,

As that holiness that was brought, in most hearts is never wrought,

As many come to deny God’s Son, Christ who came for everyone.


The little baby, who was adored, sits in Heaven as Christ and Lord,

The stranger He is to most men, will change when He returns again,

He, who was the New Born King, will rule and reign over everything,

Far beyond any holiday hymn, as Christ rules during the Millennium.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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Merry Christmas and God

Merry Christmas and God Bless! :)

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