Like A Fire Inside



Like A Fire Inside


The Truth of God I cannot hide, those Truths, hidden deep inside,

God’s Truth hidden in my heart; Truth to others that I must impart,

Eternal Truths God taught to me, His Truth which stands eternally,

God’s Truth regarding Eternal Life, which is found in Jesus Christ.


His Truth is like a fire in my bones, as my spirit within me groans,

To share this Truth with other men, that all need to be Born Again,

A Truth found in God’s Word, whether they have or haven’t heard,

Right from The God of Creation; grounding Truth about Salvation.


It’s a Truth that all men must heed, a Truth we are blessed to read,

From God’s written Revelation, written that we may have salvation,

All inspired by The Spirit of God, written by men upon earth’s sod,

As The Spirit moved upon men, the words of God they would pen.


God’s Holy Spirit works today, guiding men with the words to say,

As the Spirit moves in our heart, the Word of God we must impart,

For there are souls everywhere, who may think God does not care,

But, God sent His Son from above, to show men His endless love.


I can’t be quiet, out of my obligation, to The Lord of my Salvation,

For I am obligated to Jesus Christ, to share God’s Truth in this life,

A fact that just can’t be ignored, as others need to know The Lord,

With eternity truly real dear friend, they need Christ before the end.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)


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