God’s Deliverance

God's Sovereignty

God’s Deliverance


When your back is against the wall, trust in The Lord, Who is over all,

It is God, Who knows all things, when in a trial deliverance He brings,

During those times, it’s understood, all things work out for our good,

In that time when we’re concerned, we can trust in what we’ve learned.


Whenever we want to complain, we must seek God, simple and plain,

Lifting our heart to God in prayer, to The Lord above, with every care,

For God is the One to deliver us, and our only task is, to in Him trust,

Knowing God does what He may, during our trial, He will make a way.


God’s omniscient, there’s no denial, so He knows all about every trial,

We may see only a darkened wall, but, The Savior will never let us fall,

For God has delivered many before, we in His plan, are just one more,

Life, to show His power and purpose; in those who know Christ Jesus.


In The Lord, Who delivers men, we need to trust, not ask how or when,

We’ll be delivered from all we face, resting in God’s Sustaining Grace,

Knowing whatever The Lord may do, God will certainly see us through,

In our Lord’s way and in His time, all in God’s purpose and His design.


The Lord does all for His pleasure, knowing you and I are His treasure,

God will never deny those He bought, as God’s perfect will is wrought,

In all those who belong to Jesus Christ, as God works through our life,

In order to bring others to His Son, as God desires to deliver everyone.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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