Courageous Obedience


Courageous Obedience


Because we follow “I AM’ today, we can courageously and humbly obey,

As The Lord God works through us, in Christ’s faithfulness, we can trust,

God will provide us grace and power, through every day and every hour,

As He helps us, at any time and place, through His power and His grace.


There’s nothing The Lord cannot do, this, as He guides both me and you,

All we need to do is follow God’s lead, as Christ takes care of every need,

We cannot do much on our own, but, through the power of God’s Throne,

Through any trial that we should face, The Lord supplies sufficient Grace.


We should remember and understand, we can trust God’s Almighty hand,

As The Lord God guides us, in this life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ,

Even through the most difficult time, we should fully trust in God’s Design,

In all circumstances, great or small, The Lord above is in complete control.


Through the lives of both me and you, miracles today our Lord still can do,

Unexplainable things that alter our way, as The Lord works within our day,

This, as God shows those among us, the power and ways of Christ Jesus,

As God reaches out to every man, guiding other souls to His ultimate plan.


That one plan being God’s Salvation, His redeeming plan, for every nation,

So friend, all our fears and our pride, when following God, must be denied,

That in us God will live and preach, to all those souls God desires to reach,

This, as we live to share God’s Word, until God’s Salvation, all have heard.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)


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Love it!

Love it!

Gerson Ventura