When I’m Dead

The Word of God


When I’m Dead


When I’m dead, I won’t die, but, simply lifted by God on high,

Raised up to Heaven above, by my Lord God’s hand of love,

As I face an earthly death, I will be breathing Heaven’s breath,

In my new body prepared for me, by the Lord God of eternity.


Though it’ll look as if I died, I shall have a new body Glorified,

My body just like Jesus Christ, this as I enter into Eternal Life,

Unlike my old body of my past, my new body will forever last,

In that new place prepared for me, to live with Christ, eternally.


With my body to eternally endue, the time ahead forevermore,

A body, not racked in pain so rife, as it was in this earthly life,

But made for eternity my friend, while the next life has no end,

Never recalling the former things, as I serve The King of kings.


Well before my body is in a grave, I’ll be up in Heaven to rave,

About Him, Who I’ve long adored, in the presence of my Lord,

This as I take in the Majesty, that earthly eyes could never see,

As eternity about me is unfurled, far above the temporal world.


Joining all who have went before, to be with them forevermore,

Not in a body in the ground, but in Heaven with friends around,

All together serving Jesus Christ, as I join them, for eternal life,

So when I die, I won’t be dead, as I simply begin the life ahead.


(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)


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Positive outlook!

Positive outlook!