Raptured Together

The Word of God

My friend, when I depart this life, I desire to leave with my wife,
It’s not the question of if, but when, as we are both Born Again;
With death hanging over my head, I want to be raptured instead,
So my wife and I may go together, to join with The Lord forever.

With death a persistent possibility, Christ could part her and me,
Up from the shared path we roam, The Lord could call me home;
But a separation is not final friend, as our real lives have no end,
With our hope, we have in Christ; we shall both enter Eternal Life.

How and when, we can’t choose, but knowing Him, we can’t lose,
With this hope that we both share, in due time we’ll both be there,
Up in the place prepared for us, to be with our Lord, Christ Jesus,
When there together, we will see, that glorious time called eternity.

In life, we’ve been led by Grace, being together in time and place,
Through our time God truly has, provided His grace at every path,
In those times of peace and strife, His grace led me and my wife,
So friend, whatever the tides, His Grace is in whatever He decides.

Knowing our frames are but dust, in The Lord, we both must trust,
In this time, we don’t understand, we know that we are in His hand,
So, not knowing what lies ahead, we both rely on our Lord instead,
But I still desire to go together, both raptured up, with God forever.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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that's wonderful, nice

that's wonderful, nice meanings and subjects, you mentioned what i think are the things we should appreciate the most, the lord and the family, keep up the good work my friend