Heeding God’s Call

God's Sovereignty

God poses a warning to all, that every man on earth must call,
Call upon the Name of The Lord, as the Apostle Paul implored,
Upon His Named to be saved, no matter how lost or depraved,
Call on the Name of Jesus Christ; God will give you a New Life.

Call on The Lord from your heart; God will give you a new start.
Your new start, led by God, wherever on your journey you trod,
In Christ, a new life will begin, leading away from a world of sin,
As you seek God’s Righteousness, guided in this life by Jesus.

Believing beyond one’s mind, which is belief of a different kind,
Unless you believe in your heart, from the Lord you may depart,
Less the heart as one believes, through intellect Satan deceives,
Putting one on a faithless path, to receive with him, God’s wrath.

God’s warning to all men is real, no matter how you think or feel,
All men shall see judgment, unless they heed His call and repent,
Heed the gracious call from Him, then turn from this world of sin,
From former ways we can depart, if we follow God with our heart.

Believing with only mental assent, could lead to a religious intent,
As a casual acceptance of His call, shall lead to no change at all,
For having no true change of heart, new life for God will not start,
But, when in the heart one believes, new life in Christ, he receives.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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