Unseeing Eyes

Why can’t men with eyes see, the future ahead for you and me?
This country’s near future at hand, within an ever darkening land,
In a land that avoids all light, supporting evil and wrong as right,
Being swayed by leaders who lie, a given fact, you cannot deny.

Is this why many souls today, are being led down a darker way?
Being led by the spiritually blind, while leaving all morals behind,
Blindly being taken down a path, that leads to judgment’s wrath,
As they continue ignoring signs, following dark political designs.

Forgetting God, over this land, leaders now take a darker stand,
Defying The God, over this nation, ignoring His Holy Revelation,
Following ways of an amoral few, forgetting all most of us knew,
As they defy God ruling above, going to what they know little of.

Those following with unseeing eyes, will only see a total demise,
Of political plans and fabrication; hope and change, for a nation,
As with change darkness abounds, while hopelessness resounds,
While only darkness is wrought, by hope and change they sought.

Their eyes can see nothing friend, about Truth and upcoming end,
Of darkened leaders political bent, and Gods’ righteous judgment,
But friend every eye shall see, the coming of The Lord of Eternity,
Ending all of those political lies, while all leaders see their demise.

(Copyright ©07/2012 Bob Gotti)

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This is deep and very much

This is deep and very much weighs on my mind! I wish you good health and keep the message strong! God Bless Cheers SS

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