Vainly Irreverent

So many words used in vain, especially, God’s Awesome Name,
For God doesn’t damn things, as an empty phrase of man rings,
He damns nations and countries, all the lands found in the seas,
And the peoples in each land, who against God take their stand.

This goes with “Oh My God”, in spiritually empty lands men trod,
An empty phrase used by people, even in houses with a steeple,
Dismissing reverence for His Name, as it’s used so often in vain,
Unpunished, men shall not be, for using God’s Name irreverently.

Such is the mindset of today, knowing not what God has to say,
Or know not God’s Only Son, or that soon to earth He will come;
So the vanity gets even worse, when using His Name as a curse,
And not used simply by a few, but even by men like me and you.

Hell even used as an interjection, is just more of man’s rejection,
Of The Lord God’s ultimate Truth, of which, they will see reproof,
Dismissing Truths in God’s Word, all their rejection isn’t unheard,
By The Lord God, Who is over all, lands and men, big and small.

According to God’s Revelation, He’ll judge every man and nation,
By the authority of God’s Own Son, Who came to save everyone,
As all who have come to Christ, shall be ushered into Eternal Life,
But all talking irreverently of God, will see judgment with His Rod.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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amen! i always say

Nothing God ever made is worthless to damn to hell. Great write God bless. Cheers SS

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