Of The Light


Sometimes in this life I need to be, a quiet light for all to see,
Not flickering of words to hear, but, that light with Jesus near,
To be for God one quiet flame, by the power of Jesus’ Name,
A light for God in any place; maintained in His love and grace.

When to dark places, I must go; it is His Light I need to show,
Indeed the light of Jesus Christ, shown to a very troubled life,
When even in the darkest hour, His Light is the ultimate power,
To help a darkened heart to see, what one life in Christ can be.

If the time seems not so right, what may be needed is the light,
The Light of God’s Holy Truth, for others, as we’re living proof,
Of the power of, God’s Word, from truths that they have heard,
From truths you have expressed, when at this time light is best.

When Eternal Truths we proclaim, in the Power of God’s Name,
In those times, somewhat dark, The Lord’s Light leaves a mark,
Deep upon the heart, of a man, this, as we live out God’s Plan,
To be the Lord’s salt and light, while in this world dark as night.

When God’s Word, we do heed, sometimes light is all we need,
This as God’s Holy Spirit moves, upon a soul that He reproves,
Moving upon that soul’s heart, with God’s Truth He shall impart,
Through the light within our life, as we truly live for Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©12/2011 Bob Gotti)

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