Peace And Goodwill

Peace And Goodwill

True peace on earth will never be, without The Lord of Eternity,
And goodwill towards all men, truly begins as we’re Born-Again.
Men sing that Christ has come, but they must embrace the Son,
God’s Son who came to earth, so all man could have New Birth.

That little baby born in a stall, isn’t a babe, but He’s King over all,
As songs about a baby man sings, Christ reigns as King of kings,
The Only True Prince of Peace, with a reign that shall not cease,
And while a babe, nations adore, The Savior, men simply ignore.

Christ came to grant all salvation, but they ignore His Revelation,
Being born of God from above, brings the peace songs speak of,
Born Again by the Spirit of God, while living upon this earthly sod,
Becoming part of God’s Family, with a Peace that lasts Eternally.

Christ did not come for Christmas, but, to redeem sinners like us,
Starting with lost sheep in Israel, then the Gentiles, per God’s will,
To bring the message of Salvation, not to some, but every nation,
A message lost in festive fray, as men sing about Christmas Day.

Jesus is why Christmas came, but songs seldom utter His Name,
In many songs what’s not heard, are those Truths in God’s Word,
Sadly many, enjoying the song, even observe this holiday wrong,
And without embracing the Truth, instead of joy shall see reproof.

(Copyright ©01/2011)

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