Back On My Feet

God's Sovereignty

Back On My Feet

God will supply my need each day, while in my bed I humbly lay,
The surgeon has finished his end, now healing time I must spend.
He helps me not to grimace or pout, as God works all things out.
And although the pain is truly real, God’s healing touch I can feel.

While in recovery where I had to lie, Mercy, God began to supply,
As that pain began to subside, God’s Grace could not be denied.
Resting in God’s Mighty Hand, steadfast, I did continue to stand,
All the pain I know I should feel, was truly absent from the ordeal.

My recovery’s now been reduced, for The Lord’s Grace is loosed,
On my body God began to shower, His Grace and Healing Power,
Guiding the surgeon’s hands first, God gave me His healing burst,
As God’s healing power is poured, upon my body, to be restored.

Now back on my feet days prior to, a target date I originally knew,
Prescribed by the doctor God led, God speedup recovery instead,
And even the doctor was amazed, while back to health I am raised,
Raised up by The Lord over all, my progress put my doctor in awe.

Now to my Lord I joyfully raise, heartfelt thanks and tons of praise,
Almost back to normal long before, it was stated I’d see that door;
I praise God for His Grace and Love, as I praise my Lord up above,
Who saw me through a dark time, because I am His and He is mine.

(Copyright ©10/2010 Bob Gotti)

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