Secure Eternally

Not knowing what God is doing, you can always be assured,

When He has anything brewing, it’s for the Glory of our Lord,

Friend, every single jot and tittle, penned by God for our life,

No matter how large or little, is for the Praise of Jesus Christ.

Never knowing our tomorrow, and what a new day may bring,

Whether it brings joy or sorrow, God allows our heart to sing,

A new song, lifted up in Praise, to our Blessed Savior above,

Jesus, who forever and always, guides us in His tender Love.

As our Rock, The Rock of Ages, He is for us, a solid ground,

And while life’s river rages, He is our Anchor, sure and sound,

A Rock and Anchor forever strong, is our Savior Christ Jesus,

And as things appear so wrong, Christ alone takes care of us.

In these uncertain times ahead, with the days as dark as night,

Even in that very midst of dread, Christ is our source of Light,

In these ominous times now cast, from the world’s uncertainty.

For believers, they will not last, looking in the Light of Eternity.

God’s working out His perfect will, through each believer’s life,

So a believer’s heart can be still, when we trust in Jesus Christ,

The Author of Life and Salvation, and times we have yet to see,

And according to His Revelation, we are secure in Him eternally.

(Copyright ©09/2010)

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