Believing Not

Looking at earth and all involved, there are mysteries to be solved,

From below the sea up to the sky, yet many have embraced the lie,

There is no God, all has evolved, and so their hearts have resolved,

To believe not Truth, but Satan’s Lie, and so they shall eternally die.

Into this world, filled with strife, God came to give all men New Life,

Through The One, Who created all, things on earth, large and small,

But, with man’s darkness, oh so rife, man has rejected Jesus Christ,

Who came to save us from the fall, but, they refused our Lord’s call.

Today many souls truly believe, many lies that Satan does conceive,

When through deception Satan blinds, unbelieving hearts and minds,

So God’s Truth they won’t believe, so God’s Spirit they don’t receive,

Spiritually destroying many minds, by his dark deception of all kinds.

Those who believe there is no God, share that belief with an evil nod,

With hope to persuade other souls, to embrace theories full of holes,

To reject all they know of God, only to one day see Christ’s Iron Rod,

Filling all of Satan’s darker roles, and help deceive unbelieving souls.

Today, men will continue to oppose, The Lord above, who has chose,

Believers in Christ, like you and me, to help those in this world to see,

The Light of Christ as darkness grows, in the hearts, that Satan chose,

Until all Believers step into Eternity, by The Hope we found at Calvary.

(Copyright ©09/2010)

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