Abandoning God’s Gospel

Today many gospels may go around, but, many are just not sound,

Many men preach a gospelly goop, with little Truth in religious soup,

As there’s no meat in their broth, for men who feed from that trough,

Those pulpits of the broader way, as they lead men spiritually astray.

They say in God, that they believe, but, His Truth, they don’t receive,

While they recognize philosophy, and man’s watered down theology,

As they don’t teach from God’s Word, although, His Truth is inferred,

But, only for the appearance of good, as His Truth is misunderstood.

Their gospel is for a social cause, as they put God’s Word on pause,

As they reach to man’s social need, Eternal Truths, they do not heed,

And the real Gospel is ultimately lost, as they avoid the bloody cross,

While avoiding the very reason why, upon that cross Christ had to die.

In their gospel there is no trace, of every man’s need for God’s Grace,

As their gospel ignores sin and Hell, omitting God’s Truth they will tell,

All their listeners, they go to Heaven, which is purely, religious leaven,

And their pews may be very full, but, what’s missing is God’s Gospel.

Many of these men may even muse, about Truth, we call Good News,

But, they need the bad news first, if they’re to have any spiritual thirst,

That being all men deserve to perish, apart from The Lord, we cherish,

And that all only find Eternal Life, in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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