Freedom To Serve

Become God’s servant to be free, when you go through Calvary,

The only place on earth indeed, when as a servant you are freed;

Freed through the Blood of Christ, from the bondage of this life,

A Freedom only known to man, through God’s Redemptive Plan.

God bought us out of slavery, with precious Blood from Calvary,

Purchased from the market of sin; granting freedom deep within,

Freedom by us that wasn’t sought, which the Lord for us bought,

Offering His Son, our Lord Jesus, as payment made for all of us.

When we’re freed, we’re then sent, by our Lord, as God’s servant,

Here in service to the Son of God, on this earth that we now trod,

No longer slaves in bondage to sin, we delight in service for Him,

Now as we serve the King of kings, our new freedom in Him rings.

We’re now free to serve our Lord, as Christ’s Body, in one accord,

Now serving with the mind of Christ, for God gave us all New Life,

Eternal Life, which we don’t deserve, which is why we gladly serve,

By God’s Grace, with freedom, as God’s servants in His Kingdom.

All because God paid that price, when His Son became a sacrifice,

Christ, Who had no reason to die, served as a Lamb, for you and I,

To grant us real freedom my friend, that from The Lord has no end,

As we come to The Lord Jesus, to serve eternally in God’s Service.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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