Absence of Fear

The End Times

Where is all the fear today, in God, men know, at least they say?

Where is the fear within hearts, when from God a nation departs?

Forsaking God’s moral decrees, this, to do whatever they please,

Straying far from righteousness, to fill the land with godlessness.

What are we teaching children today, as men widen a darker way?

While shaking their fist of reproof, at our Lord’s unchanging Truth,

Enticing many a soul onto a path, that only invites His Holy Wrath;

And it’s hard to truly understand, just what’s happened to our land.

Our morals have indeed declined, this as many are spiritually blind,

Just giving lip service to the Lord, as Righteousness goes ignored,

With many others just unaware, of the prince of the power of the air,

Not changing his ways at all, while deceiving souls to spiritually fall.

Have we truly fallen that far, deceived by Lucifer, that morning star?

As leaders and the people praise, not God’s, but Satan’s evil ways;

While the days become darker still, in a land opposed to God’s Will,

Like Lucifer opposing his Creator, and cast down for judgment later.

How can men say they know, God, when fear of Him doesn’t show?

Both, in choices they make today, and in the lives that they display.

The wisdom required, understand, is a fear of God, across the land,

For if we do not return to God, we just may see His Wrath and Rod!

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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