Redemption’s Testimony


Does my life bring evident reality, to the souls that need to see,

The redemptive work of Jesus Christ, active in my present life?

Do they see a change within, my life, knowing who I had been?

Knowing how I lived before, I entered through Salvation’s Door.

Am I truly willing to pay the price, to be for my Lord a sacrifice?

Putting all my wants aside, to serve The One, who for me died?

Willing today, to deny myself, to point others to Eternal Wealth,

A wealth they’ll not see on earth, until they experience New Birth.

Born through the Spirit of Christ, that day Jesus enters their life,

And they too, become sanctified, as The Spirit now lives inside,

Now, to dwell within their heart, while by God, they are set apart,

As His children, with me and you, to now, begin their lives anew.

A life we must let God display, within our lives from day to day,

Christ’s Love with His Grace, while He moves us place to place,

As we live life for God’s Glory, while living out salvation’s story,

As The Savior uses all of us, redeemed sinners, in Christ Jesus.

Redeemed from the market of sin, to live this life anew for Him,

To be redemption’s testimony, no longer just a religious phony,

No longer here to be conformed, to this world, but transformed,

As Christ’s Light to the world, with Redemption’s Truth to herald.

(Copyright ©07/2010)

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