All The Proof We Need

God's Sovereignty

Believe, my friend, in God’s Truth, and your life will be the proof,

As He changes your very life, through the Power of Jesus Christ;

Then your life won’t be the same, as you believe in Jesus’ Name,

And He will use both me and you, as proof His Word is very True.

God gave us, the proof we need; His Truth is what we must heed,

To believe His Truth is required, to know, for us, what He desired,

For all this earth’s human race, and what on earth shall take place,

All spelled out in God’s Revelation, then revealed to every Nation.

God has revealed, in other ways, general revelation, to His Praise,

God’s Creation is in plain sight, offered to all eyes, day and night,

From the stars at night to the sun, His lights are seen by everyone,

Indeed anyone with eyes to see, has witnessed Creation’s Majesty.

Friend, God’s Creation is clear to all, in spite of man’s spiritual fall,

And God, Who created every man, excluded no one from His plan,

But, it is man, who bucks God, doubting Him, with a skeptical nod,

Led away from God by sin, some men want nothing to do with Him.

Man’s obstinacy won’t change Truth; as hard hearts will see reproof,

For all God said, indeed He’ll do, and all shall see His Word is True,

But, today anyone can embrace, all God’s Truth, through His Grace,

And as that one believes in Christ, they too, will receive Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©06/2010)

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