The Other Side of Darkness

God's Sovereignty

I’ve survived, by the Grace of God, given His Love with His nod,

Through dark uncertain times, I now lift to Him, praise in rhymes;

With my present life as living proof, of our Lord’s unfailing Truth,

Since The Lord led me from above, with His Grace and His Love.

In dark times, The Lord helped me, through a time of uncertainty,

Comforted by the assurance of, my Lord God’s unchanging love,

A Love, that was always there, when no one else seemed to care,

When through the dark of night, He led me in His Awesome Light.

Seeing all He helped me through, I’d like to share praise with you,

Just a tiny part of a larger story, where God alone gets the Glory,

The larger part is Jesus Christ, The Lord and Shepherd of my life,

Who led me through the dark days, for God’s Glory to His Praise.

Now going forward, as I proceed, I look unto God for every need,

And just as it was in the past, when shadows before me were cast,

God will shine His Light my way, so in the darkness, I do not stray,

From the path that God will provide, as in Christ Jesus, I do abide.

When my life, the Lord rearranges, His Love to me, never changes,

And upon Jesus Christ I can rely, as God guides, me from on high,

God is faithful and will always be, as He leads me towards Eternity,

Where He, who forsakes me never, will also abide with me, forever.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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