All My Needs

My Lord, I simply want from you, the needs I have to see me through,

All those needs each and every day, which I encounter along the way;

Wants and needs, I daily confront, please help me to curb each want,

As your plan for me, that’s much higher, will see my every true desire.

I entreat You Lord, to refuse me not, as I live out my life’s chosen lot,

This present lot that was cast for me, by The Lord over all of Eternity;

Guide me until the day that I die, through your guidance from on high,

Knowing all in life, that is ahead, guard my heart from fear and dread.

Keep falsehood and lies from me, whatever the future ahead may be,

Through hard times or prosperity, please set my sights upon Eternity,

While I live every day for Christ, Who has secured for me Eternal Life,

During those times of tribulation, I shall trust in The Lord of Salvation.

Lord, allow me not riches or poverty, in the plan that you have for me,

But Lord, I simply request instead, your guidance and my daily bread;

If given too much, I may disown, my Lord, who’s on Heaven’s Throne,

With all that provision, by me, ignored, I might say “Who is The Lord”.

Lord, if I were poor, I just may deal, with the dark and moved to steal,

This would only dishonor the Name, of God, Who provides all I claim;

So help me to always be content, with the provisions, You have sent,

And so Your Word, I’d always heed, while You provide all that I need.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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