The Weather Maker

God's Sovereignty

The Weather Maker reigns above, creating all weather we speak of,

The One and Only True Creator, from both the poles to the equator,

Over this planet that we call earth, He’s the Only One who can birth,

All the weather that men shall see, upon all the lands and every sea.

God alone hides the day’s light, with ominous clouds dark as night,

And whether it is snow, hail or rain, it is The Lord, Who does ordain,

All earth’s precipitation, as it falls, while, God’s mighty thunder rolls,

With piercing lights from the sky, as His lightning catches every eye.

All the winds blow where they may, whether it is the night or the day,

Winds blowing, as The Maker wills, as His purpose, The Lord fulfills,

God stirring up many angry waves, in an ocean that rants and raves,

Or moving wind on desert sands, creating dust storms on the lands.

Hurricane winds, by Him, are spawn, as their path, by God, is drawn,

With tornados, also cutting their path, from God’s destructive Wrath,

This as the very Finger of God, scores the very ground that we trod,

As The Lord God shows His Power, both day and night, at any hour.

This is The Creator, known by some, showing to all, what is to come,

Upon this earth, created by Him, that has been tainted, by man’s sin,

For soon, He’ll purge from this world, all of the evil, sin has unfurled,

Filling it with eternal joy and mirth, when our God makes a New Earth.

(Copyright ©05/2010 Bob Gotti)

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