Extending God’s Unending Grace


By the world we’ll be denied, but God, our Lord, will provide,

Grace to every one of us, who knows The Lord, Christ Jesus.

Saved from sin, once defiled, we stand anew as God’s child,

And by the Grace He’s supplied, in God’s Truth we can abide.

Now as God’s child and an heir, God’s Grace we are to share,

With men who may not know, God above, who loves them so,

And sent His Son, in their place, all supplied, by God’s Grace.

That they also, may believe, and from God, His Grace receive.

Simply reflect where we’re from, and how far we’ve truly come,

As we have lived our new life, through the very Grace of Christ,

Of God’s Grace, we can infer, The Lord met us, where we were,

But He’d leave us not the same, by the power of Christ’s Name.

God has done so much for us, when in Christ we place all trust,

Forgiving us of all our sin, then sending His Spirit to live within,

Paying for all of us sin’s full price, and granting us Eternal Life,

Then seating us in Heaven above, afforded by Grace and Love.

As God’s Spirit moves our heart, His love to all we must impart,

By God’s Grace we can afford, to extend that Love of our Lord,

For unending is God’s supply, of grace bestowed on you and I,

As we extend to every nation, God’s love for all in His salvation.

(Copyright ©03/2010)

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