Until That Day


The first step in becoming saved, is to know how lost you are,

In a world so sadly depraved, who look only at God from afar;

The very world created by Him, are souls in every single nation,

Separated from God by sin, in desperate need of His salvation.

Hearts and minds are blinded by, the darkened prince of the air,

Swaying men from God on High, so spiritually they do not care;

So your witness men ignore, and God’s Truth they won’t believe,

So The Savior Who’s at the door, the foolish heart won’t receive.

Yet many are those whom we love, both dear friends and family,

Very deceived about Heaven above, led astray by God’s enemy;

Not concerned about God’s Truth, they believe instead all is well,

When they’re destined for reproof, and the very judgment of Hell.

It’s a humble heart they truly need, and some time in God’s Word,

So on their own they can read, the many truths that they’ve heard;

For only in truly humbled hearts, can and will The Lord’s Spirit go,

As The Truth His Spirit imparts, so The Savior, they too can know.

Friend, it truly is a work of Grace, for any sinner walking the earth,

To humbly seek The Lord’s face, to experience that spiritual birth;

Until then we can hope and pray, to open up their heart and mind,

That we soon can see that day, that The Savior too, they will find.

(Copyright ©03/2010)

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