As Troubles Brew

With so much about us happening, so many hearts cease to sing,

This as the many troubles brew, causing effect upon me and you,

Causing that song, within one’s heart, for a brief period to depart,

As those troubles seem to grow, and turn their joy toward sorrow.

But as troubles begin to mount, we have blessings we can count,

God’s Blessings that forever last, long after all our trials are past,

And in all trials there is reward, as believers are used by our Lord,

To be for God a shining light, as we’re sustained by God’s Might.

We acquire strength from Christ, while we live out our present life,

Through His Spirit Who lives within, to help us in this world of sin,

And Christ gives to us His peace, that in all trials does not cease,

Looking unto our Blessed Hope, Christ helps us in our trials cope.

Though the trials we may despise, upon our Lord we fix our eyes,

For He is the Author of our life, able to assist us through all strife,

Those trials He warned us of, before ascending to Heaven above,

Where He now intercedes for us, after, in Christ we place our trust.

Even when things in life go wrong, our Lord God gives us a song,

Providing blessings every day, when life’s trouble comes our way,

Strength and peace, God will provide, when in Christ we do abide,

And life’s trying times we rise above, guided by our Savior’s Love.

(Copyright ©03/2010)

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