To End In Reproof

The Word of God

Don’t think it to be strange, about evil’s depth and range,

Or evil’s very strong allure, when sin knocks at your door,

As men on this earth confer, with that wicked one Lucifer,

Who is a fallen angel at best, for putting God to that test.

But, for Satan’s wicked desire, he is destined for the fire,

That’s the eternal fires of Hell, where he will forever dwell;

Until then, earth’s a stage, filled with Satan’s wicked rage,

Gathering, til his curtain falls, to Hell, many aimless souls.

Aimless souls are everywhere, many so eternally unaware,

Pursuing life’s empty dreams, of Satan’s darker schemes;

With so many Satan’s easy prey, along life’s broader way,

Exposed to his evil seduction, upon a path of destruction.

Blinding the eyes of the world, as his darkness is unfurled,

Employing darkness of night, to hinder God’s saving light,

The light Satan does despise, as it opens hearts and eyes,

To the saving Truth of Christ, that grants souls Eternal Life.

Satan will go to any length, to reduce one’s moral strength,

Enticing the soul to follow him, to pursue a dark life of sin;

While he deceives the heart, before from earth they depart,

So they don’t embrace Truth, to see God’s eternal reproof.

(Copyright ©02/2010 Bob Gotti)

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