Babylonian Spirit

Today we see the Babylonian Vine, with intoxicating spiritual wine,

Seducing many religious hearts, as from The Truth a soul departs,

From God’s Truth and Foundation, that Cornerstone for Salvation,

Through their religious experience, which is lacking Biblical Sense.

All Truth is found in Christ alone, The Foundation and Cornerstone,

The Only Way, Truth and Life, is found alone through Jesus Christ;

Christ alone is The Narrow Way, opposing the ways we find today,

With many being led astray, on what Christ called the broader way.

Many who are “enlightened” friend, ignore The Truth, about the end,

Enlightened in a new spiritual dawn, through that Spirit of Babylon,

Souls deceived and being misled, by men who are spiritually dead,

Leading many souls down a path, to see not life, but, God’s Wrath.

Christ had told those who believe, that many shall come to deceive,

By deceptive ways they shall claim, to speak the Truth in His Name,

Truly sent from the father of lies, they profess to be spiritually wise,

Guided not by Christ Jesus at all, they guide souls to spiritually fall.

They pervert, The Gospel of Christ, Who, paid for all, The Full Price,

Behind their experience and works, a dark and deceptive spirit lurks,

Complicating God’s Salvation Plan, to mislead, every wayward man,

Is Satan’s desire to simply deceive, all seeking souls, as he did Eve.

(Copyright ©05/2010)

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