All Through Him

Through what we call natural birth, we’re born onto a sinful earth,

And whatever land we’re born in, we are a child that’s born in sin,

Born separated from God above, who reached out with His love,

Providing redemption for all men, so that we can be Born Again.

Through the Cross God forgives, because of His Son, who lives,

We’re redeemed from all iniquity, all through the cross in Calvary,

Granting men hope and peace, that when received will not cease,

Forgiven through the act of Christ, who for sinners paid the price.

Through the Resurrection is life, for us, in The Lord, Jesus Christ,

As the grave could not hold Him, we gain a New Life, free of sin,

A New Life to live abundantly, leaving sin at the cross of Calvary,

As we live to serve The Risen King, and His Praises we now sing.

Through our Savior Jesus Christ, we become heirs of Eternal Life,

Life in Heaven, with God is in store, for all believers, forevermore,

And we too, shall all be changed, in ways that only God arranged,

While Christ has prepared a place, for believers through His grace.

Today the choice belongs to men, in a world which is condemned,

To continue in their sin or be free, through God’s Lamb of Calvary,

Also, Eternal Life or eternal death, when they take their last breath,

Life with God, it stands to reason, why ignore this special season?

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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