Blessed Anticipation

The End Times

There’s blessing for all who wait, for the rapture and anticipate,

The soon return of our Lord, with the promise of eternal reward,

If longing, in a heart does burn, for the appearing of His return,

That soul will receive in the end, a crown from Christ, my friend.

And there’s blessing upon earth, not just those of eternal worth,

When we hope for Christ’s return; this in Scripture we also learn,

That all who have this Hope within, will be purified from their sin.

Purified, just as Christ is pure, and my friend, there’s even more.

God helps us to live our life anew, while on the earth in all we do,

As Christ allows us to live for Him, as a Light in this world of sin,

Encouraged on life’s narrow way, knowing He can come any day,

To return for us, at anytime, to take us to, our new home sublime.

Presently He’s our Blessed Hope, in a world, as it’s hard to cope,

With wicked men and their ways, Jesus Christ alone is our praise,

For our Lord shall deliver us, from their darkness, in Christ Jesus,

All of those who are found in Christ, as we enter into Eternal Life.

The instruction by God to all, believers in Christ, by Apostle Paul,

Is to encourage one another, about the joy awaiting every brother,

For we’ll all be changed by grace, to see our Lord’s blessed face,

Lifted to a realm eternally pure, to be with our Savior forevermore.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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