Unchanging Law

God's Sovereignty

Jesus is God, this I proclaim, and Jesus as God, remains the same,

Two as one may sound strange, but, Jesus as God doesn’t change;

The Law God had fingered in stone, today, is Law for all of His own,

Laws given to Moses on Mt. Sinai, were instituted also for you and I.

Our Lord today, in who we trust, remains today, both Pure and Just,

The Law that was given to Israel, is the basis of God’s present Rule,

Of The Law, that God has willed, every jot and tittle shall be fulfilled,

And Christ, as the unchanging God, shall return to rule with Iron Rod.

But, many who profess His Name, do not view God’s Law the same,

Ignoring all that led to Israel’s fall, they make changes to God’s Law,

Adopting what God calls idolatry, they provoke The God of Eternity,

Not recalling He’s a jealous God, they condone the idols, with a nod.

God’s pure Justice will not be denied, in this Age that we now reside,

For God has His unchanging plan, that includes every believing man,

Even as we’re in the Age of Grace, His Law remains for men of faith,

God’s not subject to changing rules, instituted by the religious fools.

The Law that God has put in place, carries through the Age of Grace,

An unchanging standard of Justice, to be enforced, by Christ Jesus,

God’s Truth, not in part but whole, shall be used to judge every soul,

As we all stand before Jesus Christ, The Only Author of Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©02/2010)

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