Christmas At Its Best

To know Christmas at its best, you must come to Christ and rest,

Far from that weary holiday time, into that Light, which is sublime,

For a real meaning to this season, one with a true spiritual reason,

Beyond the songs this world sings, to The Lord of Eternal Things.

Away from all that holiday rush, God brings upon the soul a hush,

Quieting both the heart and mind, to find that gift of another kind,

This really is that special gift, not gained by one’s shopping thrift,

The Gift provided by God’s Grace, one in which you gain by faith.

Men only need to rest and pause, ignoring trees and Santa Claus,

Looking for the deeper meaning, as they seek a spiritual gleaning,

From the unmatched Gift of love, presented by The Father above,

As He presented to men His Son, the Gift from God for everyone.

The Gift of God’s Son Jesus Christ, truly changes a receiver’s life,

Unlike any other gift on this earth, Christ gives to one a New Birth,

Born Again of The Spirit of God, while present on this earthly sod,

Born from above into God’s Family, not for a season but eternally.

Not only does God offer us rest, but, the Gift of Christ is the best,

His Gift, not available in a store, offers the receiver so much more,

Unlike all gifts from seasons past, the Lord’s Gift will eternally last,

For when in Christ you do believe, eternal life with Him you receive.

(Copyright ©12/2009)

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