A Season For Sharing

This becomes a season to give, to all with whom we daily live,

And to friends, near and far, to show them how loved they are,

A special time for us to share, our heart showing them we care,

A sharing of our gifts and love, is what this season is made of.

A season souls are behooved, this as many hearts are moved,

To display a different attitude, when moved by a festive mood,

From a special feeling in the air, moving hearts to fondly share,

As hearts and minds conceive, their desire to give and receive.

There’s indeed another side, one from which many people hide,

Which is the very initial reason, why we today have this season,

Observing throughout this earth, every year a very special birth,

The very birth of Christ, our Lord, which by many goes ignored.

This Season that many celebrate, stirs in some a sense of hate,

In hearts where there’s no place, for our Lord’s Love and Grace.

This isn’t true for those of us, who have, in Christ put their trust,

All Believers as the Saviors bride, share His Truth stored inside.

All Truth we’ve stored in our heart, we’re sent by Christ to impart,

The fuller sense, Truth and reason, for all this Christmas Season,

That child born as Jesus Christ, was born to give us Eternal Life,

And when that Truth you believe, New Life in Him you will receive.

(Copyright ©11/2009)

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