Before Departing

The Word of God

Regarding the One, who died for sin, don’t plan to leave without Him,

Don’t you dare leave this earth, unless you’ve experienced New Birth,

Man’s Spiritual Birth, in God’s Son, The Lamb who died for everyone,

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who died so we can have new life.

All men are born on earth naturally, but, shall end their lives spiritually,

And all must become Born Again, as God’s mandate to reach Heaven,

This is The Lord’s only doable plan, for every mortal woman and man,

To reach from this earth immortality, then move into Heaven, eternally.

The Lord does not change, so we must, to avoid returning to the dust,

At the moment of our last breath, consigned to Hell and eternal death,

This change that God’s speaking of, is a glorious change from above,

A change God can make in all of us, through the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

Most will choose Heaven, not Hell, the choice believed sound and well,

But based on merit of their own, while dismissing belief in Christ alone,

As hearts may not be at the place, to understand God’s work of Grace,

Fact, that no one’s good, no not one, and our trust must be in His Son.

In Christ alone we find our Salvation, man’s Redeemer for every nation,

Our salvation alone is in the Name, Christ Jesus, who all men proclaim,

The Savior Himself has told all men, to get into Heaven, be Born Again,

This Truth indeed must be in our heart, before from earth, we do depart.

(Copyright ©10/2009)

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