A Race Already Won

We’re in a race already won, in the race we daily run,

It is the race we call life, won for us by Jesus Christ,

A race we run so many ways, living out all our days,

Racing upon this earth, for a crown of Eternal worth.

As we run for that prize, in this race, we fix our eyes,

On The Author of our faith, guiding us by His Grace,

For as we live this daily life, we run into undue strife,

Difficulties along our way, we go through every day.

We remember as we run, that the race has been won,

For this Truth we receive, when, in Christ, we believe,

Our Lord, in Who we trust, won this race for all of us,

When He finished at Calvary, providing to us Victory.

So when we run into a test, in our Lord, we shall rest,

As we are in God’s Hand, when we don’t understand,

So in the midst of the race, we simply seek His face,

Then He gives to us peace, as we run doesn’t cease.

Anyone today can choose, this race, they can’t lose,

The race that’s been won, by Jesus, God’s own Son,

And to Him alone we raise, as a victor, eternal praise,

As we gain Eternal Life, in this race with Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©01/2010)

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