As The Saints Enter In

Spiritual Change

Will the Saints go marching in, or humbly greet God, who died for sin?

Will they march in as if deserving, or enter humbled hearts for serving?

How will they enter God’s Gate above, open only, through God’s love?

The love and mercy poured on us, when by Grace we embraced Jesus.

All knowing we would return to dust, without that humble heart of Trust,

Knowing that we’d return to the earth, apart from Christ’s Spiritual Birth,

For it’s nothing that we have done, but all the work of God’s Only Son,

Christ’s finished work on the Cross, for we bring only, our sinful dross.

Undeserving, Grace allows us to see, it is not of us, but, God’s Mercy,

As Christ received all we deserve, when His Father, He chose to serve,

Becoming for us God’s Sacrifice, so that we could enter into Paradise,

The finished work, of Christ alone, makes way for us to be God’s Own.

What God did, truly humbles men, when in Christ, they are Born Again,

Through God’s Spirit from above, men are humbled by Amazing Love,

And through faith, alone in Christ, by God, we are granted Eternal Life,

Beginning with New Life we receive, when God’s Truth, we truly believe.

It truly is the Lord’s Gift of Grace, that we shall enter God’s Holy Place,

As men born in sin, with feet of clay, only God could provide The Way,

So it is God Who will be Glorified, as all the Saints humbly step inside,

The Holy, Dwelling Place of The Lord, to serve with Christ forevermore.

(Copyright ©10/2009)

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