All Differences Put Aside


They come in all colors and kinds, with different hearts and minds,

From various parts of this world, all with different stories to herald,

Each one will come to understand, ways and cultures of their land,

Diverse people from every nation, but, all in need of one salvation.

All may possess a different belief, in a world full of pain and grief,

With many ways to approach life, to deal with daily pain and strife,

But, nothing compares with Grace, regardless of the trials we face,

The Grace received in Jesus Christ, sustaining Believers in this life.

Belief may be religious or secular, with a difference they both infer,

One, God’s existence is believed, the other, in Him there’s no need,

But, for both, every knee will bend, when their life comes to an end,

For each will bow to their Creator, as their Judge or Blessed Savior.

As different as all nations may be, all peoples will still face eternity,

Many people differ from you and I, but, born like us they surely die,

Death is appointed to all of us, according to God, we return to dust,

And every soul on earth we see, Judgment from the God of Eternity.

All men will take that last breath, passing away through natural death,

And the position one took spiritually, will dictate their place Eternally,

Whether it be eternal death or life, is decided by your belief in Christ,

As He’s the world’s only Salvation, decreed by God for every nation.

(Copyright ©010/2009)

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