Approval of Men

Praise from men, one may desire, but, honoring God is much higher,

As we honor God in all our ways, while lifting up to Him all our praise,

The praise of men can be a snare, so as believers we must be aware,

Of Satan’s dark deceptive ploy, in diverting our focus to rob our joy.

As true believers serving our Lord, we must serve Him in one accord,

With all honor and praise due to Him, Who freed us from a life of sin.

For all we are and all that we’ll be, is a praise to Him, who set us free,

As God has given to us a New Life, to praise and honor Jesus Christ.

All of our service is for God’s Son, Who alone gives life to everyone,

Christ alone dispenses every gift, which Satan himself desires to sift,

Wanting to sift believers like wheat, as the devil plans for their defeat,

As The Body he attempts to destroy, with the individual believer’s joy.

Satan gets us to put humility aside, as he begins to stroke your pride,

As he twists our innermost thought, temptation in our mind is wrought,

Wanting us to heed temptation’s call, so that he can see believers fall,

Hoping that you will fall from grace, while for Christ, you’re in the race.

It is not man, but, Jesus Christ alone, Who sits upon Heaven’s Throne,

And it’s to Christ that we must raise, all of our honor and all our praise,

Recognizing that we’re all the same, simple sinners saved in His name,

As it’s Christ alone in whom we trust, while all others will return to dust.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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