Taste And See


You, friend, would be hard-pressed, to find a day you aren’t blessed,

When you know the Lord above, Who fills our heart with joy and love,

Love that prompts you all your days, to lift up to our God real praise,

Praise of thanks lifted to the One, Who sent to men His Beloved Son.

You’d be hard-pressed too friend, to not find God around each bend,

Traveling down all paths of this life, in good times and those of strife.

Wherever you go, God will be there, when no one else, seems to care,

Even with your trials far behind, God is there providing peace of mind.

Friend, it’s very hard to reason why, The Lord above, one would deny,

When it was God, who loved us first, as we were sinners, at our worst,

And yet, He died for you and me, to grant sinners a new life, eternally,

While all you must do is to believe, and Eternal Life, you shall receive.

It was The Lord, who paid the price, when His Son became a sacrifice,

When we as sinners, were at enmity, with The Lord God of all Eternity,

The God above and Eternal Creator, became our Lord and our Savior,

When He displayed amazing Love, redeeming us with His shed Blood.

Today if you thirst and hunger friend, The Lamb of God I recommend,

Who died for the sin of every man, as core of God’s redemptive plan,

So taste and see, that God is good, and join His Eternal Brotherhood,

Looking forward to Eternal Life, with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©09/2009)

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