An Attitude of Altitude

We can have an attitude of altitude, from the power that’s endued,

To all believers while in this life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ,

So when we hit that valley low, we get strength from who we know,

To then rise above any situation, through the God of our Salvation.

This attitude that’s available to us, is from our Savior, Christ Jesus,

Who left His Throne from on high; All-knowing that He came to die,

Leaving Heaven, not mindful of, the power He had, reigning above,

Humbling Himself, for those lost, to a death upon Calvary’s Cross.

So let this mind be also in us, as believers serving our Lord Jesus,

Mindful not of our own needs, as we sow for Him, Kingdom seeds,

Being mindful of Christ instead, who, died for men spiritually dead,

So they could have Eternal Life, through our Lord’s great Sacrifice.

Through life’s battle that we face, sufficient for us, is God’s Grace,

When Satan brings on us a feud, we need to have Christ’s attitude,

Being mindful of Christ’s sacrifice, willing for God to pay the price,

While living for God, in all we do, in the valley, He’ll see us through.

With Christ’s attitude, from on High, we’ll do more than, just get by,

And that valley we’ll rise above, when mindful of our Savior’s Love,

While having the mind of our Lord, during the battle, we’re assured,

Not only of the present victory, but, our future with Christ Eternally.

(Copyright ©08/2009)

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