Honored By Men

The honor that mere men bestow, is motivated by a political undertow,

A hidden agenda that won’t prevail, as Eternal Truths these men assail.

This man tickles hearts and minds, of people from nations of all kinds,

Promoting peace that will never be, as they ignore the God of Eternity.

A man addresses the world’s fears, skillfully tickling man’s many ears,

Saying all that needs to be said, for men in darkness; spiritually dead.

A body gathers together a majority, of men with eyes who cannot see,

Spiritual darkness within the world, lifting up from it, a leader to herald.

Woe, when all men speak well of you, as there is evil they cannot view,

From the darker agenda of men, promoting a world God will condemn,

A world where The Sovereign Lord, by many leaders is wholly ignored,

Moving Nations into an amoral state, and men towards a godless fate.

So mere men will continue to lift up, others, who are politically corrupt,

Leaders who look to be fully able, but, go on making nations unstable,

As the masses are blinded by, the enemy of God, Who reigns on high.

Unknowing they’re deluded by him, to embrace an amoral world of sin.

Political deception continues to rise, as the God on high, men despise,

A world looking to man’s solution, will soon be met by strong delusion,

As the darkest leader is be unfurled, to be honored by this entire world,

And when by men, he is believed, Judgment from God will be received.

(Copyright ©10/2009)

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