Adrift In Life

Adrift in life without a course, not plugged into a Heavenly Source,

Moved about by the waves in life, with no reliance on Jesus Christ,

Moved along without direction, by choice without Godly discretion,

Looking for other sources to cope, drifting in life without real hope.

We need true guidance from God, not from man with a worldly nod,

This will lead one further astray; from the Truth that God has to say,

So it is God’s lead, we must take, in all the decisions that we make,

To walk, not drift through our days, walking with God, to His Praise.

Only God can help those adrift, when they’re found in a spiritual rift,

Who are separated from the light, mingling in the darkness of night,

Living life with little thought of, The Lord and Savior reigning above,

As from Him they carelessly stray, living on their own day after day.

Truth upon you God will not force, but, He’s not an alternate source,

All guidance must come from Him, while in a world darkened by sin,

God must be involved in the plan, in the life of every believing man,

Not simply involved but to lead, as God’s Truth we prayerfully read.

In a world of trouble and strife, we must trust to God our whole life,

Not simply to trust, but to obey, when a thought tempts us to stray,

No longer to drift along in life, but, to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ,

While receiving Blessing from God, lead by Christ’s Staff and Rod.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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