Reflecting On Independence

We have freedom living every day, a liberty no man can take away,

Not the rights, a nation may give, in the land that one may now live,

It is a freedom they cannot herald, a freedom apart from this world,

The freedom Christians speak of, that comes from our Lord above.

Dispensed by The Lord and Creator, to all who come to The Savior,

A freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ, granted to us for all of this life,

Once we accept Christ in our heart, God’s Liberty shall never depart,

When in Christ, you become free; God’s Liberty carries into Eternity.

A nation’s laws we have now learned, by leaders can be overturned,

When by evil, they are driven; to repeal rights men were once given.

Under assault is our Godly Faith, we receive, strictly through Grace,

We see many rights slipping away, as moral laws continue to decay.

Rights established by any nation, lack a firm and Godly Foundation,

The laws built upon shifting sand, in coming days just will not stand,

As the nation faces amoral blight, as immorality then becomes right,

With righteousness all in the past, personal freedom just will not last.

Reflecting on Independence friend, will our Personal Freedoms end?

Here, where our fathers achieved, the liberty, we as citizens received,

It is times like this we are assured, of the Freedom in Christ our Lord,

That no nation can take from us, once in Christ we have put our trust.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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